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......::::Interview to MORIA (Ukraine)::::......
Fecha/Date: 08.06.2011



1.You are actually considered as one of the leading bands in the Ukranian Metal Scene, what is your point of view about this and how so you developed to be in that current status?

Think that us it is hard to judge, we are a leading group in his style or not, because in our country in recent times there appeared a lot of commands, which deserve attention. One can say that it was done a lot of work for a short period of time, when our group was formed.

Of course to get the desired result, need to constantly bring forth new releases, to make a new video, then there is a chance to be heard, to make this work could appreciate many. In this we are now and tried to succeed, where our listener would have the opportunity to receive from us constantly new portions of our tracks, which in our opinion change for the better. Everybody notices these changes in different ways, for the ones we have begun to sound more technically, for others appeared more drive. Our main goal, to make the material is not for one day, that was the desire after listening to listen to it again and again. Perhaps, this criterion and brought us into the current state, I am sure that everything can be even better, if we will develop further.

2.You are close to release your brand new album "Pain Shreds", what can you tell us about this and how did you got this new deal with MORE HATE Prods.? Is there any significant changes in musical direction since your debut "PSY" recorded in 2009?

Indeed, in the coming days, the release of our second album "Pain Shreds", the obligation took on the distribution of well-proven in the CIS and outside the Russian label MORE HATE PRODUCTIONS. After the summer was accumulated material on this album and were ready to several tracks, we have engaged in searches of a label. After a short search, responded guys with MORE HATE Productions and proposed us to cooperate.

The second album in comparison with our debut predecessor much more became a progressive, energetic, in the sound has been considerably harder, there is more groove. In any case, it must evaluate each, anyone interested in this music and I hope that the result will be positive.

3.Also one of outstanding points on this new album is the collaboration of several guest musicians in most of your songs, tell us more about every single person taking part on this and what is the reason you decided to do that? A selling point maybe?

Yes it's true, on our second album can be heard guest vocalists from other teams, this Evgeny Ardentis (STARDOWN, Moscow), Kate Moray(Moray Eel, Moscow), Alexander Baev (Hell:On, Ukraine), Iowa (Ungrace, Ukraine). Basically this is all of our good friends, who agreed to without any problems cooperate with us.

Moray Eel at himself in the country a few years ago awarded the title of the best metal bands in Russia. Now they are preparing to release their third album.

Ardentis also a talented musician, he has a huge number of side-projects, a number of albums and other note-worthy moments. We are very pleased with the fact that this man easily have given consent to participate in our records.

Alexander Baev offered insert in our album party saxophone, on which he himself had played, also in this same track and sang. Now in Hell:On the account three full-length album, a large number of videos. Also binds us to Hell:On our common guitarist Alexey Hellion.

Iowa, from Ungrace. For a short period of time, this team scored very high rpm in progress. Besides the basic work in the group, this singer is also involved in the project Blast X, which can be easily found on the pages of myspace.

In one word, if there is an opportunity, I say without exaggeration, will appreciate quality design material of these guys.

Perhaps inviting musicians or singers to take part in our releases, it is for us personal tradition. As we consider this step makes the album more attractive, brings more variety, and it is more interesting to listen to. Many at the expense of people think otherwise, but after all, music is an art without limited framework.

4.Why did you choose exactly this name for your band, who came up with it and why, (what I mean is that it is not precisely a very original one (there is and has been a lot of bands called MORIA already)?

The name was taken at random from the psychological directory, and is the terminology of a certain disease (for more information:""MORiA" - this is first of all a state of the absurd humour with the loss of initiative motives arising from organic lesions of the frontal departments of a brain."), but even this name in many associated with the work JRR Tolkien's with his trilogy "The Lord Of The Rings", where Moria is the name as the underground the cave of gnomes, so here we are with the work of Tolkien no longer linked.

About that, that in the world there are many teams with a similar name, I agree. Perhaps in the future we will have the name change, that there were no problems about copyrights, and similar things such a plan. On the other hand, as I see it currently does not interfere with anyone, and therefore we will not rush things.

5.What are you most proud of achieving as a band, and have there been any defining moments that stand out in your memories?

I want to note the fact, for any group it is important to be individual, in other words, in each group in the first place should be something their, to be less similar to other groups. When this is achieved, it will be an achievement.

What to say about us, us here it is difficult to judge, this must answer the listeners, whether we have what is his own in our music or not. Of course, that each issued release, this is the pride of the work undertaken.

For the last time we shared with many well-known teams scene Devilish Impression (Poland), Rage (Germany), Sickbag (France), the Onslaught (England), Rasta (Belarus), Deadlock (Germany), Septic Flesh (Greece), HATE (Poland), in each of these speeches there is a something that gives advantage to our experience.

6.Have you been playing a number of shows recently and you have a reputation for your performances? Are live shows a central aspect of Moria? What have been the best and worst live experiences you've had?

The more the band plays live performances, the higher the reputation. Naturally live performances should remain memorable, give all the best to the full extent pouring all the energy up to the last song. We tried not to deviate from this, otherwise simply put, if there is no absolute bestowal from musicians, you can listen to music and sitting at home, the result will be the same.

7.Your music is mostly considered as a kind of "modern" Metal. I can’t complain with such a description, because all of your albums are really extreme. What is it that makes you deliver such insanely brutal music?

Then, I talked about earlier, our debut album is very different from the second album, more pressure, rage. We tried to play before and in the other directions, but it lasted not long, right now, in this style, we simply show their feelings, can be more real to express their emotions. I hope that we have finally found what were looking for, exactly in this style we like to work.

8.Considering how you mix all kinds of metal genres I’m curious to know from where you actually draw influences? Have you been compared to bands you don’t feel you have anything in common with?

I quite agree about the mixed genre. In fact, do not want to be narrowly focused group, where the step to the left or step to the right and you already are not in the format. If there is a mixture of various genres, in any case, there is a place that unites. Each of the participants in the group contributes to its material particle, each of us listened to and listens to different music, from all this, it turns out it was our product, which may seem mixed genre. The main thing is that music easily reached up to the listener, and music liked.

I think that in each group there is a lot in common with other teams, because the music is just seven notes))

9.What do you think about those Death Metal bands which don't really care that much about the lyrics at all or those who write about politics and stuff like that? How important do you see the lyrics for your music and as a fan when listening to other bands?

I think that the words are an integral part of the work, which also must correspond exactly to the stylistics of the group. If the team is playing heavy music, she can't sing about a beautiful and eternal, therefore, death metal, thrash and the similar stylistics a must in my opinion to develop topics of environmental, psychological, and political nature. In the text it is possible to express the idea and bring it to people.

In our music we try to write the words on the different themes. With the advent of the text, as practice shows, in the development of the song, the track is not such what was previously. So the word is in our music play a big role.

10. I guess it’s no secret that our planet is in a pretty fucked condition. What are your feelings towards living in mankind’s final millennium? Do you hope that you don’t die before you finally get to see it burn?

I agree about the fact that humanity is now really is in a critical condition, this topic is often arises in our texts. Even if armageddon and will come, then we certainly on this influence will not be able. I understand only one, if you stop and stop working it is possible to lose all time.

Therefore it is necessary to continue to live, enjoy and to draw from life, only the good points, which bring happiness, and where there is happiness, there and good luck.

11.I’ve noticed your pretty solid technical skills. Are you a self-learner, or do you have some musical education? Do you think that musical education is important, when creating, or playing music? Or both?

Thanks for the positive feedback about our skills in the game... Of the four Of us in the group only one I got musical education, took a very long time since my studies, so, very much what I then knew - theory, harmony of the music, already has had time to much to forget. This is due to the fact that in my life there was a considerable period of time, when I was not engaged in music in general, only since 2005, when again took up the guitar, began to remember all the things that I knew, but came to the conclusion that it is not so important to have an education. If the music is from within yourself, and you can then play back, I believe, musical education is not the main trump card to success. Personally, I am now creating my music the way it seems to me, lies in my head, and then each member of the group makes something of his own to work, as he sees himself.

If the music which you give in the end sounds harmoniously... this is enough to please others, and thy labour was worthy of attention.

Also I can tell that music education can not be overkill... for most people, understanding of music theory gives the possibility easier to write music, to improvise, adds the total of musicality.

Here it is necessary that each has decided for himself, to learn the theory or not. One person it can deprive the individual, others on the contrary will find ease in the creation of musics.

12.Talking back about your coming new album "Pain Shreds", What are your expectations? If possible share with us some of the future plans you have in mind in order to promote this new material?

After the album will be released to the masses, we necessarily want to send a large number of copies in the metal-publication of the review. Then we will better understand how the release was successful or not. But for now I can say on some tracks, those that entered the second album, and came out even in the autumn in the form of promotional recording, the reviews are very positive, I hope, so will go and further. Personally for us, as for the group, this album unlike their debut album, on many levels is higher, and in general we are very satisfied with the work done.

In the nearest plans in support of "Pain Shreds" is shooting a new videoclip, which you can see in the network, this summer, more accurate information on his way out we will post our official pages myspace and reverbnation, plan to leave for Ukraine on tour... in the autumn, if all without changes planned tour in Europe.

Now we create a new material, which will be released in the beginning of autumn in the form of EP, and clearly will display the status of our third album, so stay tuned for our news.

13.If I have missed anything please feel free to add. . Just thanks for your time and good luck for your future plans.

Thank you for these issues. We wish good luck and prosperity of your agency. Stay metal!


:: Line-up ::
:: Contacts ::

Oleg “Mak” Kolotusha – vocal/guitar
Alexey “Hellion” Pasko – guitar
Igor “Egor” Lomonos – bass
Vladimir “Voha” Shapkun – drums






:: Discography ::

“PSY.” (Black Art Productions) LP [2009]
“Clouded Mind” EP [2009]
“Pain Shreds” (More Hate Productions) LP [2010]

:: Country ::


:: Genre ::

Thrash Metal Groove

:: Record Label ::

Black Art Prods.

:: CD ::

:: Details ::

Album: Pain Shreds" - CD

:: Tracklist ::

01. Battle Is Your Pain (Feat. Aleksander Baev, Hell:On)
02. Revolution (Feat. Ardentis, Stardown)
03. Clouded Mind (Feat. Iowa, Ungrace)
04. Truth And Lie (Feat. Kate Moray, Moray Eel)


:: Video Clip ::

"Dead memory" VIDEO
See The Video in YOUTUBE

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